CT-CHAN to integrate operation through use of the external resources, full participation in the customer's order execution, through highly integrated services of materials procurement, production and processing, domestic and international distribution, help clients to build complete diamond level supply chain system which is through customer industry from vars to raw material suppliers, from the manufacturer to the channel.

Service mode
CT-CHAN according to customers' requirements and the concept of making samples. After sample is approved, SJET formulate complete production plane and procurement schedule,and look for suitable factories,SJET to planning and control of production at the same time, delivery of the products to the customers in time after production is completed.

Service advantage
1.Save the production investment in infrastructure, equipment purchase costs and workers labor costs;
2.With the help of professional factory manufacturing advantages;
3.Centralized resources into product design and marketing which is high additional value;
4.Integrating production resource of enterprise,to produce the maximum output with a minimum input;
5.Promotes company core competition.